Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an exhilarating day! We started the day with a sleep-in until 8, and then we feasted on muffins with a side of pancakes and eggs. After breakfast, we then began to get ready for the planting day ahead of us. We sailed over to the mangrove pond and began to monitor the mangroves and replant them. After the productive morning, we sailed over to Peter Island, where we began to chill, eat caesar salad wraps, swim, and tan. During our chill time, we played cards, and I jumped and swam with Alden and G-Ball. After a nap and a tan on the boat, we got ready for our VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) fake rescue scenario. As Chase and I were skippers today, we got to be the victims for our fake accident. In my accident, I was cutting a cantaloupe with a circular saw and accidentally cut my hand. Charlie pretended to be a concerned friend who was asking super annoying questions to which the VISAR workers responded by telling him he is a shock victim caused by the extreme accidents. Chase’s accident was falling through a hatch and having a spinal injury. We then had to get into the VISAR boat and pretend to go to the hospital. The VISAR boat was amazing and such a thrill — 50 knots (which was very fast). After our scenario, we headed back home to Ewak and had a fantastic dinner. Today was thrilling and so much fun, and I can’t wait for what is yet to come.