Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up bright and early again today. As soon as JB woke us up with his music, we were off the mooring ball, going back to West End for the third time this trip. At West End, we split up into three groups at three different locations. Four girls with two staff members went to Pelican Gate school to finish rebuilding project yesterday. A few students, including myself, stayed at Blue Ocean, which is the organization we were working with today. The rest of the group went to another school on Tortola to dig holes for the fence we were building, and trees were planting. At Blue Ocean, we split into two groups. My group sanded down pallets and white-washed them. Handling a power sander made me feel very powerful. After all twenty-two pallets were sanded down and primed, we transferred them to the school and started to build the fence. Lunch arrived, and everyone was very excited about good food. After lunch, we began to paint the fence a bunch of different colors, and it was really fun to see the finished product. At the end of the workday, I had paint everywhere! We got back on the boat and took another ocean shower. We continued our day with a bumpy ride to Peter Island. Even though I ended the day with a few battle wounds, it was very fun to drive the boat and paint the fence.