Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The boat is currently making its way back to West End where the crew of Catalinaville met for the first time what seems like years ago. As we pack, clean, and prepare for our last meal together, we look back on our time together. This morning we had another chance to hike Spyglass on Norman Island together at the same time of day that we did on day three of the program. This time we all know each other so much better than it seems like we’re hiking with completely different people. Ladislas, Tristan, and Noah ran the entire trail and broke the current speed record. On top of the hill, we shared with the group an aspect of our personalities that we want to take with us when we leave and one that we could leave down here. The view gave us something to gaze into while we thought about our answers to the question and reflected on everything we learned this session. Maddie and Nora grew as leaders and got involved in any chance to make the boat go while Weston works on his ability to pull up the anchor by himself. Everyone has fallen into a role and kept the boat moving as well as maintaining the group dynamic. Casey keeps the group motivated and positive with the help of Hannah and Abby. Maci and Nic keep us laughing while Morgan and Victoire keep us grounded. This crew has grown so close and accomplished so much in the short time they’ve had together, and I’m confident that they will bring home their best selves as well as enough memories to last them a lifetime.