Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up this morning after a very late night of writing our program reflections. Some of us were up until 3 am writing, while others gave up far earlier and agreed to finish them today. After a breakfast consisting of pancakes and crepes, we quickly prepared to go on shore and work with Thurman. Thurman lives and owns large portions of Peter Island and has established a system of self-sustainment. After rushing into the dinghies, we found that he, unfortunately, had to work today and was unable to work with us. However, not all was lost, Peter Island is also home to the very exclusive Peter Island Resort, “a top choice in many bridal magazines.” We compared the lifestyles of the resort and Thurman and discussed the influence of urbanization on the British Virgin Islands. Afterward,¬†we returned to the boats and went for a nice swim. We saw yellow-tail tuna as well as many types of coral. For lunch, we enjoyed chicken and tuna-salad, delicious! We then embarked on the second to last sail to Norman Island. As we raised the sail, many alternative personalities were revealed including Cletus, the country gentleman, and Charlie, the Redneck genius. After the short sail, we started dinner, Cheesy-Broccoli Pasta, while the staff attended a meeting. We ate and ended with the Squeeze. Today was yet another perfect day in paradise.