Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

In case you were curious about the title, it explains that we had Breakfast for Dinner for Breakfast with Yesterday’s Dinner for Dinner. Simple. Anyways, now that that’s cleared up, this morning we took a quick sail from Road Town to Brandywine. On the sail over, Noah was sleeping on the bow, in clear view of everyone that was sitting together on the roof and we spent a good 40 minutes trying to come up with ideas of how to freak him out (i.e., pretend he was going to go overboard). We then successfully monitored and planted Mangrove trees… and Maddie stepped on a Pufferfish. Background info on Mangroves (do not grow mangoes) -they prevent erosion -80% of fish that are fished by fisheries either live or feed on fish that have lived in Mangroves for at least some of their fishy life -Their seed normally floats along the top of the water horizontally until it finds the perfect balance of salinity, temperature, and depth. Then it turns vertically and plants itself…which is pretty neat if you ask us. -they protect the land from hurricanes -species lose their habitats when these plants are destroyed The way we plant new mangroves is by putting a PVC pipe into the ground, filling it with the substrate to the waterline and then putting a seed into the tube (very scientific). After that, we sailed back to Road Town, with our one-man anchor team Lad (he’s the full package…but don’t ask him what that means because he has no clue) and had some shore time, where we enjoyed delicious Gelato. We then sailed to Peter Island to have dinner. Dinner was Mexican night 2.0 where multiple things went overboard… including Noah. Sionara, THE DREAM TEAM (Abby and Hannah) P.S ignore the possessed looking Elliot in our group dinner pic….