Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Today started early; all the staff set the boat underway while we were all sleeping. I woke up to help motor over to road harbor; we planned to help Virgin Island Search and Rescue (VISAR), a volunteer organization that works to rescue people in trouble from all over the BVI. On the way to their headquarters we spotted a rain storm ahead, luckily we didn’t get too wet, and we saw the most vivid double rainbow in the history of the world. When we finally arrived, we explored the facilities and saw their huge rescue boat. From there we split into different groups to get work done. There were people doing gardening work, people painting bright orange over old faded paint, and people dredging mud from were their boat gets dropped because kicked up mud scraped the boat when it tries to leave. We all worked hard and got a lot done. It was cool to work with this organization because they save so many lives yet are not federally funded, they are run off of donations and volunteers. There is only one person who works there full time, the rest work other jobs and go to the boat when calls come in. Because of their tight budget, they have to save their money to buy essential things, so it was satisfying to do little touch-ups to make it a nicer place. After a long day’s work, Elliot told us that we were having pizza for dinner! We were all so excited. It was a true party, everyone from Moko Jumbie came over to Catalinaville, and we devoured ten pizzas. It was cool to eat dinner with all of Lifeworks, and have a giant squeeze at the end! The questions were: If you could live in any movie what would it be & what do you miss most from home?