Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

The smell of pancakes woke us up to another beautiful morning in the British Virgin Islands. After the pancakes, which were gone pretty quickly, we rode the dinghies over to Great Harbor in Jost van Dyke to pick up the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society, with whom we had worked with yesterday as well. The kids gave us a tour of the harbor, mainly showing us where to buy the best food and things like that. After everyone had been loaded into the dinghies, and back to our boat, we set sail for Great Thatch, where we went for a beach cleanup. The wind on the way over was surprisingly strong, and we even had to reef the sail twice, meaning that we had to have to mainsail only a portion of the way up because the wind was too strong. When we arrived at Great Thatch, we wet landed onto the beach and set about our cleanup, though it was hard to clean up when it was easy to get distracted by skipping perfect flat stones across the water. After the cleanup, we headed back to Great Harbor in Jost van Dyke, where we sadly parted ways with the preservation society and had some time to check out what Great Harbor had to offer. Dinner conversation consisted of Kelly telling us about how she helped us all sign up for Lifeworks, and after dinner, we headed over to Moko Jumbie to celebrate a birthday with cake and brownies!