Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

After a very rainy evening, the brave crew of Catalinaville feasted upon a delicious mixture of hot and cold cereals before departing Cane Garden for Jost van Dyke. Once at Jost, we had the pleasure of speaking to the son of the legendary Foxy, a famous island singer/songwriter/political activist, with whom we exchanged many riddles and shared much laughter. Soon after, we began our real project on the island, interacting with the students of the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society (JVDPS). We split the 15 students of this group between the two Lifeworks boats and played several rousing games to get to know each other. Then the Lifeworks crew sailed to Grand Tobago where we had a hearty lunch, played on the beach and snorkeled with our buddies. After several hours of gut-wrenching fun, our new family braved a storm and headed back to Jost van Dyke, while everyone enjoyed the massive splashes caused by the engorged storm waves hitting against the boat. Finally, we came to a beach BBQ with ActionQuest where we enjoyed such activities as a dance battle, freestyle rap contest and conversing with people’s in the other programs.