Location: Great Barrier Reef

Today we woke up at 6 AM to do our early morning dive. During this dive, I saw a big turtle, a shark sleeping on the coral and sand, and some really big fish. After the dive, I asked the others what they saw during their dive. They told me that they saw similar things, and we all agreed that the water was cool. It was windy on the deck, and everyone was freezing since we were all so wet. We decided to warm up on the sun deck and tanned, with sunscreen on [:)] because we learned from our first day after getting burned. Only some of us still didn’t put any sunscreen on like Blaise, Charlie, and Tres who in particular didn’t because he only seems to get darker and not burnt. After 2 hours, we went for a second dive. On this dive, we saw three big turtles, and much other fish as well. I bumped into many people, and I think this second dive was not that good as the first one. We had 4 hours until our third dive, where we had an instructor to guide us. We felt very safe because we had Tres, who is a rescue diver. The instructor knew good spots to find sea turtles and guess what? We found Nemo and Dory! Some of our group went on a night dive after dinner and saw more sharks. We had our student-led forum after the night dive. Tomorrow will be our last day of scuba diving, which makes all of us sad. This is also day 18, so we have two more days left before we all part ways. We have become so much closer to each other during this trip that it will be very sad to say goodbye.