Location: Rios Tropicales, San Jose

We woke up today in the lodge to a fantastic All-American breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage (I’m getting pretty tired of rice and beans). After breakfast, we got all of our stuff together and went to the same watering hole we swam in yesterday. After about 20 minutes of swimming and jumping off of a log, we went back into our rafts and continued our trip down the Pacuare. However, the second leg of the trip included some crazy Class 4 rapids, which resulted in lots of people falling and flying out of the rafts. Our bus driver met us at the end of the river with a brand new, not water resistant bus with blue trim. We drove back to the rafting base/restaurant to have a quick lunch before our long bus ride back to our homestays in San Jos. Not much happened on the bus ride back, mainly just sleeping and standstill traffic. During this ride, we got to see a sloth together for the first time, after our bus driver pointed it out during the long one-lane Costa Rican traffic. We arrived back at the meeting place for our homestays and went back home for the second time. These were a great past four days.