Location: La Carpio

Today, after a good breakfast, composed of pancakes and orange juice, we went on a three-hour hike through the mountains near our neighborhood. The wasn’t that cool because there was a lot of bugs and thorns everywhere but once we were at the top, the panoramic view was just amazing, it worth our efforts. After the tenth will’s fall, we finally came back to the main house to have lunch in front of Harry Potter. This morning was exhausting but pretty cool. Then we went to La Carpio to finish the paintings of the wall we previously draw on. Under the strong rain falling on us, we finally finished our work. After that, all of us went to the association’s house to make some decoration and to give the reception room a second life. Even though I am not keen on drawing or doing some artistic things, I wanted to put the “French touch” in Costa Rica. After a long way back than usual because of the traffic, we finally went back to our family’s house. We then ate, talked and watched TV the evening before going to bed.