Location: Beijing

Our morning started very bright and early. At 4 am, we arrived at the Beijing train station and drove to the Shanshui Hotel. We had the whole morning to ourselves, so most of us went back to sleep and freshened up before lunch and service in the afternoon. For lunch, we returned to the restaurant where we had our first dinner at the beginning of the trip – many of us were excited about the Peking duck. We reminisced about our first dinner together and how no one wanted to speak because we barely knew each other. Luckily, Bex kept the conversation alive during our first meal together. This time, everyone kept the conversation going. After a delicious lunch, we headed to the Children’s Hospital for afternoon service. Many of us were eager to see the children that we had missed over the past few days while we’ve been in Baotou and Datong. Alex and I returned to the room where Mung Bei and Weng Jei (a.k.a. Marshmallow) were staying, and we carried them to the playpen. After a fun afternoon and getting reunited with the children, we went to Yang Fang for dinner where we reflected on our service throughout the trip.