Location: Beijing

Today was our second double-service day of the trip where we do both morning services at Dew Drops and afternoon service at Roundabout. At Jingdu Children’s Hospital, we divided up, and four people went to play with the family kids while another four people went with the Dew Drops babies. I hung out with the family kids, and we colored designs in the coloring books. After service at Dew Drops finished up, I met a child who recently went through surgery. He was not able to use his hands to color, so I gave him one of my pictures. This seemed to make him happy. Later, in the early afternoon, we had some downtime at the hotel. Then we headed to Roundabout where we got right down to business sorting toys and other items. These items will be sold at the Roundabout store, and the proceeds will go towards a group of organizations including Dew Drops. Maggie, Ruth and I worked together to clean up a refrigerator. At the end of service, we had a few minutes to peruse the Roundabout store. I purchased a President mug and spent the van ride trying to memorize all the Presidents. At Yang Fang, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of dumplings, rice, and noodles. During dinner, I managed to recite all 45 Presidents while Shaun read off the mug to make sure I didn’t skip any of them. In other news, Alex won her first card game of the trip! The game is called Poop Man, and Bex taught it to all of us way back at the beginning of the trip. After squeeze, we hung out and played card games while Shaun and Keeley played Ping Pong. At long last, Keeley annihilated Shaun at Ping Pong and reveled in her glorious victory.