Location: Sydney

The first day at GoBeyond has definitely been an adventure. When we arrived, we got to meet our new roommates and get to know a lot about each other. Once we settled into our rooms, we navigated to the beach by bus and ferry. Most of us were very surprised it was so cold outside. When we learned we were going to surf; we were worried we were going to get hypothermia but were relieved when we found out we had wetsuits waiting for us at our surf lesson.

When we got in the water, it wasn’t as cold, but it was definitely a surprise. It was a very good bonding moment for all of us because we all got to experience our first adventure in Australia together. Our first time surfing, we were all on different levels. Some were experienced, and some didn’t know what they were doing. At the end of the day, we all felt accomplished and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Manly Beach. After surfing, we walked to a local meat pie shop for dinner, which was delicious! I think that we all thought that it was fun to try something local; to eat and experience the Australian culture. We again boarded the ferry back to Sydney and enjoyed the beautiful views of Sydney Harbor and the Opera House at night. When we finally got home, we were exhausted from our international travel, followed by an exciting first day in Australia. I think we can universally agree that we all got pretty good sleep.