Location: Sydney

Today, we woke up early(ish) and got ready to go to the Sydney Opera House. After a wonderful breakfast of Nutella and Vegemite on toast, we took the bus to the opera house. When we arrived, we met up with our tour guide who gave us little headsets so he could talk to all of us while we walked around. We got to walk around the inside and saw the main theatre, which was absolutely beautiful with its high ceilings and birch wood paneling. Our very informative guide told us about how they use hardwoods for the floor and soft woods for the ceiling so the room has good acoustics. While he was filling us in on this, some of the orchestra was warming up and playing songs from Harry Potter, which was super cool to hear! After that we walked around the outside and got to see the views of the beautiful harbour. Later, we took a stroll and played some icebreaker games and had lunch in a park, and then headed over to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. We climbed a ridiculous amount of stairs up to one of the pylons where we were rewarded with stunning views of the harbor and the opera house. Afterwards we went to the mall and shopped till we dropped and enjoyed some sushi at the food court, then headed back to the hostel. Overall, it was a very fun, very busy day, and now we’re all going to head to bed to recuperate from all the day’s adventures.