Location: Blue Mountains

Our day started with a 7:30am pick up in a very Australian themed bus named Trudy. After riding for over an hour, we arrived in the Blue Mountain National Park. Our guide, Trent, spotted 2 kangaroos munching on some grass and we pulled over to take some photos before they bounced away. Before going on a hike, we went to get drinks and snacks at a local cafe. After the refilling, we embarked on our first hike through the Blue Mountains and across a waterfall. With lots of ladder-like stairs and muddy puddles ahead we could only hope for the best. In only a few short minutes we began to see that the hike was paying off. The water from the waterfall was showering the floor as we looked over the mountainous terrain. Even though some thought it was difficult, no one regretted the experience. Taking photos and viewing other geographical formations like the Three Sisters made us hungry so we set up in a park to eat lunch and had ourselves a proper Aussie barbecue. We tried kangaroo meat (which was delicious) and enjoyed the presence of five cockatiels and a pair of kookaburras during lunch. With full stomachs, we headed back towards our Bondi Beach hostel. On the way back we picked up Thai food and some fish and chips for dinner. Today was one that I will never forget as we got to enjoy new and exciting experiences.