Location: The Amazon

Today was our first day in the Amazon. We all had to wake up super early so we could get on the bus to take us to the airport. After going through security, we had a nutritious breakfast of airport muffins. After landing in Coca, we went to a dock where we were fitted for rubber boots. We then got on one of the boats that took us up the Napo River. On our boat ride, we admired the beautiful rainforest on both sides of the river. The trees are so lush and green. The boat then took us to the Yarnia Lodge where we are staying. The lodge is amazing and surrounded by the beautiful jungle. We are staying in little straw-top huts that are simply adorable. We had lunch at the lodge which was by far my favorite meal so far. After lunch, we all hopped back on the boat that took us to Hector’s island. Hector’s island is a rehabilitation center for monkeys. After an introduction to the work, Hector does we got to see some of the monkeys and hike through the rainforest. There were a few showers here and there as we were walking, but it felt very refreshing after being in Amazon heat and humidity. On the hike, we even found a coco plant which we got to taste. Hector also showed us his garden filled with different plants with medicinal value. One of the plants had red seeds inside that when touched give off a red pigment. Hector did a traditional Amazonian tribe design on my face of a cobra. A lot of the other girls also played with dye and Sammy ended up looking like she got a really bad spray tan on one arm or as Jayda said, “It looks like Snookie tried to hug you.” ┬áHector even showed us how to use a blow dart and a spear. We all got to try using them, and there was also a competition who could hit the papaya and a log, which Sami won after hitting both. The competition was a lot of fun even though I couldn’t hit either of the targets! After a long day, we finally came back to the lodge. I am so excited for the rest of the adventures I will have with this Lifeworks group in the next three weeks.