Location: The Amazon

One day in the depths of the Amazon jungle a group of Amazon Ninja Warriors started their amazing. They started their day by voyaging through the depths of the Napa River. Once the warriors stepped foot on land, the deserved a feast. The brave warriors dined on the most extravagant meal in all of history, grubs. One of the grubs was still alive and was almost eaten by a warrior. The most honorable way to go. Once they finished their fine dining, they set off through the jungle on a beautiful Jaguar named the Volkswagen bus. Once they finished there ride through the jungle, they stopped at a beautiful location named Limon Cocha. Once they finished their wild ride, they set off again. This time on a boat through a beautiful lagoon. After seeing all the fabulous wildlife, the real battle began. They started to destroy the invasive plants all day in an epic battle. After the battle was over, they set home again and saw the most beautiful sunset with the outline of a volcano on the horizon. After the battle of saving the environment and fighting off spiders, the warriors enjoyed an epic feast of delicious native food. The epic heroes rested in their beautiful bungalows to do it all again. The Amazon warriors are not so out of reach. They will be back again soon from there amazing Lifeworks adventure.