Location: The Amazon

Today was an adventurous day that required a demanding source of energy. We started the day waking up bright and early at the hour of 5:30 am. Breakfast was spectacular, and a good jump starts for the long day ahead of us. The boat ride on the way to the lagoon was filled with enthusiastic singing and laughter from everyone. Once we reached the lagoon, we continued what we had started the day before. By noon, the lily compost pile had nearly doubled in size! We were all amazed at what we had accomplished and were very hungry. After our much-needed lunch, we began our three-hour-long hike into the rainforest. Our journey was full of surprises along the way. From bullet ants to giant snails to a 600-year-old giant tree, it was one adventurous hike. By the time we had left the lagoon and made it back to our cabins, we were all exhausted. However, that didn’t stop few daring warriors from swimming in the Napo River. After dinner, we were privileged to watch an interesting slide show that enriched our knowledge about all the different kinds of people and their customs in the Amazon. Exhausted after an exciting day, we now all look forward to visiting the young children at a school tomorrow.