Location: Anegada

Today, the Luny Kahunians stopped by Leverick Bay for an hour. We got to call our parents and friends to talk about the amazing day we had yesterday. One of the best moments of my day today was listening to Eric Clapton and Portugal. At 11:30, we set sail for the Island of Anegada, and it was the first day of sailing. I was the first one to take the helm, and it was an incredible experience. At one point, I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic with my new haircut blowing in the wind. The trip was two and a half hours long, and almost all of the students got to steer the boat. When we arrived, it was a little rainy, so we played games on the boat for about an hour. After the games one of the staff members from the other boat talked about trash and how much plastic is in the ocean. The talk made a lot of the students think about how much plastic we use and how we can cut down on the use of plastic. Today was a long and quiet day on Luna Kahuna, but we still learned a lot and had tons of fun.