Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today began as what would seem to be a slow start to our voyage, but the excitement and attitude of the crew have set a great tone for the rest of our trip. We began our day still docked on West End, still a bit tired from our previous day full of travel, and then went to an hour-long meeting about safety and health on the trip. However, as soon as the chat was over, we enthusiastically pulled away from the dock for the first leg of our voyage. All of the tiredness from the day before melted away when we left the bay and set sail through the beautiful Caribbean. It was a short sail over to Road Town, the capital of the BVI, where we had a swim test in a pool. After the swim, we ate a lunch of Deli sandwiches and embarked on another, much longer sail over to Virgin Gorda. During the sail, we were taught more about the process of sailing, using the lines, and maintaining the boat. Once we arrived in the bay, we were allowed to go to the beach and play ball games and spot baby lemon sharks. We had a dinner of sloppy Joes and got ready to go onto the other GoBeyond boat and have a whole-crew meeting about the projects we would do tomorrow and the days to come.