Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning we woke up and had cereal for breakfast then went to a meeting with Mike, the director of Action Quest and Go Beyond. We went to the store to grab some snacks before beginning our voyage. We learned some sailing techniques about the winches, and it was my time to take control. Being the skipper was slightly nerve-wracking at first, but once out on the water, you get the hang of it. The sail to Norman Island was very calm. We had some lunch, got our mooring ball, took the swimming test and were ready to go snorkeling. You would think that doing two laps around a 48-foot boat and treading water for 5 minutes would be easy, but all of us underestimated the difficulty of it. The fish we saw were incredible, in and out of the caves with all different colors and sizes. When we got back to the boat, we went swimming, showered up and ate dinner. We finally settled on our four mottoes. Don’t get caught lacking, don’t get lost in the sauce, more dudes less space, and jusssttt sendddd ittttt! Overall, the past two days have been so cool meeting new people, getting to be the first skipper of the trip, and having responsibility aka pouring our lemonade at dinner.