Location: West End, Tortola

Hello from the Portlandia staff! Today is the final day of our session one program, and it could not have gone better! Most of our shipmates departed early this morning to board the ferry back to St. Thomas, and Rachel met her parents on the dock in West End as they departed on a charter through the territory. The past three weeks have had many memorable moments, from exciting community service projects to snorkeling and sailing adventures. We have logged 100 hours of community service and created close bonds with locals on many of the islands in the BVI. In the race yesterday, Ryan did an excellent job at the helm as everyone else was cheering and working hard to trim the sails. Gigi reflected on many of our service projects and throughout the program and was excited to see the difference that she could make in the community. Rachel expanded her knowledge of sailing and seamanship and took every opportunity to take on new challenges onboard. Natalie and Izzy shared many laughs and fully dedicated themselves to every service project. Alex and Quinn both learned a lot about living on a boat and created many new amazing memories. Katherine learned new cooking skills and was excited to take on the new responsibilities that come with this program. Elana and Anna both had incredible work ethics and were always passionate about learning. Alyssa was a trooper and maintained a positive attitude throughout any situation. Each member of our crew and shipmates had a uniquely special experience. However, it was as a whole that we stood out most. We will cherish the memories and the laughs we have shared throughout the past three weeks, and wish everyone a happy summer and hope to see everyone again soon!