Location: West End, Tortola

This morning we were up bright and early at 5:30 am for our last hike up Spyglass Hill (but it’s a mountain) on Norman Island. We were told to find a “pretty” rock and an “ugly” rock. When we reached the top, we took in the scenery and reviewed the goal sheets we made our first time on Spyglass Hill. Then, we were told to use the rocks we found as a metaphor. The ugly rock represented traits we wanted to leave behind, and the pretty rock represented traits we wanted to keep with us. One by one, each student stood up, talked about traits they wanted to leave behind and keep, threw the ugly rock down the hill, and kept the pretty one. After one last group photo and game of Evolution we prepared for sail race against Sailside. We ended up coming in 4th out of 9 teams. After the race, we spent many hours packing up and thoroughly cleaning the boat. When we finally finished, we were given the opportunity to have some shore time and shower. We celebrated the end of the trip at a barbecue with ActionQuest.