Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started at six with Elliot, Ryan, Anna, myself, and Rachel taking all of Quinn’s belongings and tying them on the lines of the boat as our birthday prank. We then had a slow morning all together in the blue lagoon talking and laughing. After our big breakfast, we went to Peter Island to Thurman’s land where we helped clean up the outside area for an hour or two. After we walked to the other side of the island and sat on the beach, where we all sat together and talked and read a story about how we all need to not take things for granted and appreciates what we have. Once we got back to our boat, we all went swimming in the bay for over an hour. After Quinn somehow fell into the water, Alex picks me up, spins me around and throws me into the water. After our dive contests were over we ate lunch and Natalie ate nine quesadillas, then we proceeded to sail back to Norman Island where we started our trip. After our ocean, showers the staff members went to a meeting, and us shipmates hung out, danced and ate Doritos. We ended the night with squeeze, dinner and the writing of our cards that we get once we all leave. The Goofy Galley gotta bake!