Location: Ollantaytambo

Tonight at dinner, we met an 11-year-old boy named Franklin who was helping serve the food at the restaurant. After talking with him a little bit, we learned that he works from 1-10 every day after school. As he served us our meal, we called him over to give him some notebooks and crayons. We soon saw his face light up as he accepted our gift to him. He was very thankful. We were so touched by the impact it had on him that many of us started to tear up. Soon after we went to help him with his math homework, we found out that he was working off tips to purchase his laptop for schoolwork, suddenly we pitched in almost enough for him to buy a small laptop!!!!!!!  We realized how hard he had to work for something that we were able to give him in a matter of seconds. Not only was it an emotionally touching experience, but we all realized how fortunate we are.