Location: Chugchilan Andes

After a late wake up (7:30, YES !), everyone’s ready for our third day in the Andes! Today, we changed the roles; boys (excepted Frank and Jaesohn) went to paint the school that the other group started painting yesterday and the girls (with Frank and Jaesohn, I think you get it now !) go to the four hours hike, which is actually a hard one but with beautiful landscapes. After coming back to the hotel around 3:30pm, we decided to make french crepes (me, my “sous-chef” Justin, my “sous-sous-chef” Nicolette, my “sous-sous-sous-sous-chef Karl”, My sous-sous…, no, I’m kidding, I’m not going to tell you all the team. Too long.) This day is a memorable day because it is our last community service day. We did more than forty hours of community service during the whole trip, respect, please. Then a good vegetarian meal before our last forum and my squeeze question. Good night!