Location: Chugchilan Andes

Yesterday concluded the community service aspect of our trip, so today was fittingly an adventure day. Our day began promptly at 9:00 when we mounted our horses and rode into the Andes’ skyline. Although 15 participants of our group loved the horses, one didn’t. Me. I’m not a big fan of animals who’s raw strength is a unit of measurement ( horsepower ). While 15 teenagers enjoyed truly stunning views from the upside of 11,000 feet, I anxiously watched every movement my horse (I generously named Kitty) made. I believe the coolest part was watching the clouds surround the entire mountain. Upon return to The Black Sheep Inn, Stephanie and I planned an “Olympics” type afternoon for everyone.

We divided the group into two teams of eight ( Pink: Flamingos, Green: Green Machine) We used zinc to color our faces according to our respective teams. The first event was a popular game called Hunter -Bear-Ninja. ( Green Lost :] ) Then was a game where each team had to retrieve articles of clothing that would be required for a day in the jungle, and only the hint that there were 7 needed things. ( Pink won :] ) Third, a challenge to create the longest word possible given tiles with letters on them. ( No surprise, pink won :] ) Finally, an event relay race that included tasks such as taking a selfie with a llama, drinking a liter of water, scoring over 50 in a game of darts, and making Maria laugh. The Pink team maintained a handsome lead for most of the race, but somehow green won. This caused a tie between the teams that would be broken in a game of speed (card game) between Helen (pink) and Jaesohn (green). Helen came through the clutch and propelled the Pink time to the luxury of bragging rights over the Green team. We are currently sitting around the campfire, and enjoying each others company on the second to last night. I can’t believe this is almost over. Adios!