Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke to the smell of Elliot’s freshly made pancakes. After a quick clean up, we were back on the dingy and on our way to the schools finishing up projects. Half of our group went to Little Rainbow to finish their greenhouse. While they did that, we assembled monkey bars and made garden boxes at Cibony. The kids were so happy to see what the finished products would look like. Around 1 pm, we ate delicious burgers made by the school’s principal. After we finished our clean up, we headed back to the boats. As for the other group (Preserving Paradise), they hiked back to the beach, we went to a few days ago to pick up trash, then returned to the boat. We had a little bit of downtime, and later we all rafted together and were ready to start turtle tagging. Once BZ explained what we’d be doing, Kate, Nitty, Lala, Blake, and I got into our dingy with Ashley. We were pulled through the clear water for a little over an hour and saw a few turtles but unfortunately didn’t tag any. After some showers, all three boats had dinner together to end the night.