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Location: Bangkok

After yesterdays bright and early wake up, today was a breeze waking up and 7:30 to head over to the DPF. Even though I would never consider myself to be a crafty person, today we had the pleasure of silk screening our own tee-shirts and tie-dyeing. Although it was a very laid back day, we had heard a little bit on the background of the activities we were doing the day before which actually made the activity more meaningful. At the wonderful DPF, young women are taught to silk screen for income as a helpful tool in leaving the slums. Our work didn’t even come close to the beautiful examples we were shown but it was a really fun experience.

Later on in the afternoon we were brought to the Terminal 21 mall for a photo scavenger hunt! Because its our last night with our current roomies, we were split up into teams consisting of our rooms. This activity was much more fun then I could have ever imagined… but maybe that’s because I was on the winning team! We had all sorts of crazy tasks in this 7 story mall, some of which being finding the most foreign person at the mall and taking a picture with them. Others were recreating a Titanic moment, or finding a celebrity lookalike which was surprisingly the trickiest one for my group. We ended up with a man wearing a cowboy hat who barely passed as looking like Woody from Toy Story. We may have upset a few security guards in the process but it was totally worth it. So that was pretty cool.

It’s hard to imagine that were leaving in just five days, this trip has seemed to fly by. This makes me feel so many different things, in some ways I’m so excited to get home but in other ways it just shows how incredibly close we’ve gotten. Mom – I already have my next few trips planned… Florida, Colorado, Ireland, Paris, London, Texas, DC, and New Jersey so just get ready.