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Location: BangkokToday was filled with many amazing experiences at the Sanctuary of Truth

Author: Kendall B.Location: Bangkok

Today was filled with many amazing experiences at the Sanctuary of Truth. However, some of us had a revelation as we ate our lunch….we are eating way too much here! Many of us expected to get a few small meals that barely satisfy us a day, but it has been quite the opposite here. We are not only eating Thai cuisine, but a lot of it! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and then of course some dessert; all of this happens like clockwork everyday. Also, the amount of coca-cola we have had is crazy! I personally have a coke maybe once a month, but I have probably have had at least half a can here a day (while staying hydrated with a lot of water)…and don’t get me started on how all of us have slowly developed our sweet tooth for ice cream and cookies on this trip, so parents be prepared! Anyway, we are all having an amazing time here trying odd yet delicious dishes provided by a very caring community of people. While some of it may look at best interesting and at worst unappetizing, there hasn’t been a dish that at least one person in our adventurous group wouldn’t try. So, more interesting foods are to be eaten tomorrow!