Location: La Finca

We woke up this morning to a lovely breakfast made by our host families. Around 8:30 we all woke up and took a bus to La Finca, a getaway for the poor people in La Carpio. Our group split into three smaller groups which took on the challenges of building a compost tumbler, washing, and painting walls, planting vines and bushes to reduce the sound coming from the trucks on the highway, and planting/farming on a large hill which was later filled with compost. The corn, beans, and yuca planted will eventually be used to feed the people of La Carpio. The jobs were not easy, but we managed to get them done throughout the day with a break for lunch (which our host families made for us) and a relaxing swim in the pool once all of our hard work was done. Then we went back home with our families and rested before we left to play a big game of soccer (futbol).┬áTeam Michael and Team Yara battled against each other, with Team Michael being victorious in a tiring, fun and close game. We even played with some of the members of the host families (who were soccer players). We all said goodnight and headed home for a nice dinner with our ‘Tico parents.’