Location: Quito to Galapagos

Today consisted primarily of traveling. However, it was well worth it because at the end of the day we found ourselves lusting over the expansive beauty of the islands of evolution. The day began with us getting up at 6 am to grab a quick breakfast and shuttle ride before embarking on our journey to the Galapagos. After a quick flight to Guayaquil, we had a smooth flight to Baltra and then ferried over to Santa Cruz port. From there, we shuttled to our hotel, Hotel Castro, and got a quick view of Santa Cruz island. After settling in, we grabbed our first meal of American food in almost two weeks!  (We were all pretty excited!)  We then took some time to explore the city and seek out a grocery store, pharmacy, and hardware store; while being successful in our scavenger hunt, we also saw sea lions, iguanas, crabs, and many seagulls. We then congregated back at our hotel for some swimming time and an evening meeting. We also took some time to perfect our lesson plan for teaching local students on Monday! Tomorrow we will be working at the National Park and will be cleaning tortoise drinking troughs.