Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Good morning San Diego, its time for another blog post from your favorite writer, Chase (not the bird). Today I woke up to the shining sun, a nice change from my usual dungeon sleeping spot, below deck. Luckily I was able to gander over to some clouds that looked fairly wet, so I skrt’ed inside to avoid the dampening.

Today is the day we get to hang out with some little kiddos from the Jost Van Dyke summer camp extravaganza extraordinaire (also known as a part of the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society – the organization that we do some environmental and rebuilding work for). I usually don’t LOVE hanging out with kids, but today would be that exception. My buddy’s name was Andy, and we definitely grew on each other (considering we are planning on playing Fortnite). We had around ten kids on our boat while we sailed over to Grand Tobago (aka Big Tomato). When we got there, we went swimming with the younglings. Some were talking about sand and how it is coarse and rough and gets everywhere, but Andy and I were just enjoying casually swimming around. We all spent time snorkeling and looking at the cool fish.

On the sail back we danced to Old Town Road in the big waves and said our goodbyes. Luckily I got him on the Instagram so ill hopefully be keeping in touch.