Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After a relatively early night, we all woke up in a daze at 6:30. To our surprise, we sailed to West End, where we docked and got ready to meet with the Blue Ocean group to help schools. A few others and I rode in the back of a truck which was quite exhilarating, especially around the corners.

Once we arrived at the school and unloaded, we began our jam-packed day. We dug holes, made cement, put up parts of a fence, painted, and built garden beds, but the most important part was lunch. We had the BEST fried chicken and pasta salad. I did miss my daily PB and J, however. When I say it’s impossible to get sick of PB and Js, I mean this fried chicken was the only exception.

As for the rest of the afternoon, we took an ocean shower then sailed off to Great Harbour on Peter Island, where we are now. The rest of the night consists of a birthday night where we will be eating cake and giving each other our “secret Santa” gifts. We have been yelling Happy Birthday at each other all day and telling everyone that it is all of our birthdays.

As always, live like Brum Brum