Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today I woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes. Zoe had woken up a bit earlier than the rest of us and started making us some very delicious chocolate chip pancakes. We didn’t have to do anything until 10:00 so a few of us decided it was a great idea to go swimming and it was a lot of fun until we all started to see jellyfish (no one got stung).

We then made our way over to a small bay off of Tortola, and we got straight to work. We counted, replaced, and planted mangroves. Lily, Derek, Olivia, and I had a lot of fun hammering PVC pipes into the ground. After we were done with the mangroves, we headed to Road Town, where we filled up on fuel and water.

The sail from Road Town to Peter Island was absolutely amazing. The wind was very strong, and it was so peaceful to turn the engines off and just let the wind take us. It was honestly one of the best feelings to go with the wind and let all your worries go away. Some of us sat on the trampoline while we were sailing and it was so funny to watch the waves splash right over the bow of the boat and soak them.

We got to Peter Island and cleaned our cabins then we all showered so we wouldn’t be disgusting for our evening activity. Ewak came to our boat after we all showered and assigned our roles in the training activity that VISAR was going to perform (VISAR is a search and rescue group that responds to all distress calls in the BVI). I was assigned to play as an injured sailor who hurt his back falling through the hatch. There was also another injured person who cut their finger using a power saw to cut a cantaloupe. Charlie played the role of a concerned friend who was in shock, and it was hilarious listening to him. We all then got to ride in their search and rescue boat – IT GOES 65 KNOTS!!!

Once the training activity finished, we all ate dinner, and we are about to do a reflection on our trip.

As always, live like Brum Brum