Location: Amubri

Hugo, the best bus driver in Costa Rica, drove us 30 minutes through thick and thin through what seemed like the middle of nowhere. He crossed multiple rivers in the bus! Then, we came to a river where we had to take long canoes to get to our destination. Once we arrived on the other side, we celebrated Asher’s birthday with some chocolate cake Gail had bought. We shared some with the local children before getting on a local bus to an indigenous Bri Bri village called Amubri. The village has surprisingly comfortable accommodations. We even met the local shaman on a hike. He taught us all about the culture of the Bri Bri and how they saw the order of life. On our way back, it was pitch black, but the weather was perfect! Before dinner, we had a little lesson about the indigenous language and, although we were ultimately defeated by our hungry stomachs, it was very enriching and fun. Dinner was a chicken stew that prepared us for bed. We all played cards until one by one we fell asleep with the lights on.