Location: Sólheimar

Today was spent in the eco-village of Solheimar, where we arrived yesterday. When we woke up at 7:20, and then got ready for the day. We walked down to the cafeteria and had breakfast which included different cereals, toast, and fruits. After breakfast, we were given a tour of Solheimar. We visited several different workshops such as the candle workshop, the wood workshop, and the ceramics workshop. Walking around Solheimar was very interesting because of the number of trees in the area. During our tour, we stopped by the theater to watch a power point presentation of the founder of Solheimar. The presentation described how she started the program, as well as the several hardships she encountered in trying to preserve it. After the presentation and a few other tours, we made our way back down to the cafeteria for lunch. Today we had a barbeque to celebrate the 88th anniversary of Solheimar, which was also on their founder’s birthday. It felt good to sit down after walking around for most of the day. After lunch, we helped clean up by moving tables, chairs, and cleaning the barbeque area. When we were finished, we were taken to the Troll Garden to help clean up by getting rid of all of the weeds in the area. We worked until about 4:45 when we went back to the cafeteria to wash our hands and to talk about what we would be doing next. The plan was to have free time until about 6:30, in which we would then go back to our living area to prepare for dinner. Most of us then went out and explored Solheimar for the duration of the free time. After our free time, we got ready for dinner at our cabins, which was lasagna, with rice, salad, and vegetarian patties. We each helped out in cleaning up, and when we were finished, we then played two games of Papers. Papers is where everyone writes a sentence on a piece of paper and then passes it to the person on your left. They then have to draw a picture about what you wrote. When you pass it again, the next person has to write a sentence about the picture without knowing what the original sentence was. The process repeats until you are back with your original piece of paper. It resulted in lots of laughs. After papers, we slowly got ready for bed.