Location: Sólheimar

Today was very tiring even though I sat in the same spot for eight hours. We traveled from Husavik to Solheimar so I don’t have much to write about but I will do my best. The day consisted of stopping at different locations for food, snacks, or to use the bathroom. We started with waking up at 7:00 for breakfast. I slept in because my wonderful deep sleep was interrupted by Carter’s amazing alarm clock! I have woken up again to the statement, ”BREAKFAST IS READY!!” I groaned, crawled out of my bed and proceeded to sit in the breakfast room for about five to ten minutes. Then, I made an executive decision with myself to go back to my bed and sleep more. But before I could close my eyes and pass out, the Lucky Charms box was whispering to me. It was saying in an Irish accent, “snack on me for a little while laddy.” Of course, I couldn’t say no. Carter found me wrapped in my bed sheets, shoveling Lucky Charms into my mouth. After I was finished snacking, I told him to wake me up at 9:00 so that I could finish packing so that I would be ready to leave at 9:30. It felt like I was asleep for not even a minute when I heard Carter tell me it was time to wake up.

After we hit the road, our first stop was the grocery store. Everyone did their job perfectly, so we only spent about twenty minutes there. Since I was the leader of the day, I had to manage what everyone had to run and get. After everything on the list was crossed out, I went to get some snacks for myself. We all checked out and waited for Audun to pick us up to resume the drive. When we all got back into the van, Keeley said she had a surprise for us. We pulled up to an ice cream shop, and everyone was super pumped. Eric and I both bought a pint of different flavored ice cream for ourselves. I got cookie dough. So good. After ice cream, we stopped for lunch at a random waterfall on the side of the street. We climbed up it as much as we could and ate our food and took some sick pictures. The next official stop was dinner where we all had fried cod fish with this delicious, mysterious, green sauce on the side. We were all obsessed with it. After dinner, we were all exhausted, so we came straight to Solheimar ecovillage where we all screamed about how nice the place is. Nobody minds sleeping here for the next four nights.