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Welcome to the GoBeyond Costa Rica trip logs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

MELISA SANCHEZ VARGAS (MECA) – Meca was born in Lima, but now lives in the magical city of Cusco. She is a fashion and interior designer that loves to travel around the world, seeking new adventures and new things to see. She also loves yoga, running, and exercising. When not with GoBeyond, Meca works for different NGO’s where volunteering and guiding students is a big part of her life. She also loves eating, trying new things, trekking, meeting new people, and making new friends! She looks forward to working with GoBeyond students to help her local community.

ENRICO LUIS RODRIGUEZ-COTA – My passion for traveling and interacting with new cultures started at a young age. My family lived all over the U.S. and spent a few years living in Sicily. I served in the military for eight years, where I developed my skills in evaluating, organizing, and leading situations. The military allowed me to work with individuals from all over the world. During this time, I realized the importance of aiding those in need and connecting with different cultures. In 2014, I made Florida my home, where I got into the outdoor industry as an outdoor guide while completing college — introducing students to new experiences like scuba diving, caving, whitewater rafting, backpacking, and camping. I have a certification as a wilderness first responder and an ACA level 2 coastal kayaking. During my free time, I enjoy a relaxing day on a standup paddleboard while exploring the natural springs of Florida.