Location: San Jose

Hello Everyone, welcome to our awesome blog and thank you for joining us on our journey!

Our group from all over the world arrived in Costa Rica today after a lot of early and some very long flights. Each student was met by a staff member from GoBeyond, who promptly took them to our amazing hotel located on the outskirts of San Jose. We then had an orientation to provide each student with information about the area, so they would be fully prepared for an amazing experience.

With some time before dinner, we decided to go on a walk to explore our surroundings. We were greeted by many dogs, unique houses, and an amazing sunset. We arrived back at the hotel just as dinner was being finished. To our delight, we had salad, potato salad, rice, beans, chicken, veggies and of course the much-needed dessert. Later in the day, Gail, the leader of the humanitarian organization based out of Costa Rica, spoke with the group about the history of the organization, their focus and the opportunity for growth for each person. We then went back to our rooms for an early nights sleep, looking forward to the adventure that tomorrow will bring us!

Pura Vida

Enrico C.