Location: San Jose

Today started with an early morning at 7:30 am (which was quite hard compared to our usual summer wake up time of 11 am!), we had an amazing breakfast consisting of eggs, plantains, rice and beans, and some super refreshing juice! We also got to try some Costa Rican coffee, which was a special treat! We then left for La Carpio at around 8:30 am, once arrived we had a super inspirational and interesting presentation by Gail who gave us a history lesson on La Carpio. We then went to a local family house where we divided into two groups; one group painted the walls while the other took down and started rebuilding new walls (then we switched)! After a tough few hours of physical labor, we then went to lunch, provided by the amazing staff at Gail’s office; her location has the absolute best and sweetest staff I’ve met in my life, it is a super nice environment to be around! After lunch, we went back to our worksite and did a few more hours of work. We then took a bus back to San Jose, some of us took some well-needed naps! Once back, we took our showers and relaxed before going to dinner, which was a delicious buffet-style Costa Rican dinner! After dinner, we had a “session” where we took a look back at our day and reflected upon it, as well as got to know the group better! Then we went back to our room and played a few rounds of cards, then hit the hay preparing for another amazing day!