Location: San Jose

Our day started once again at the same time with a wonderful breakfast, but the adventure after was very different! With our ever-changing plans, the walking tour of the La Carpio town originally planned for Monday was changed to first thing today! We experienced so many things small, yet still so new to us such as the wonderful smell of fresh tortillas, seeing many adorable stray dogs, and having children warmly greet us with “hola” or simply just a smile. The fun continued when we went back to the foundation’s office and interacted with the children who regularly play and learn there. It was so fun to see all of their drawings and hear them make fun of us for our poor Spanish speaking skills. We even got to meet some of the kids who we will be going to the museum tomorrow! We then went on to go back to the house that we were working on yesterday to continue our work of setting up the new walls and cementing the ground. The best feeling of accomplishment came when a man helping us, Elvis, gave us “the nod” of approval. His hardworking spirit and positive attitude kept us all inspired to work just as hard and excel the way he does. We finished a long day of fun and hard work with ice cream and a drive where we got an opportunity to nap( which I of course took), followed by our Pura Vida session.