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Welcome to the GoBeyond Galapagos & Ecuador trip logs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

MELISA SANCHEZ VARGAS (MECA) – Meca was born in Lima, but now lives in the magical city of Cusco. She is a fashion and interior designer that loves to travel around the world, seeking new adventures and new things to see. She also loves yoga, running and exercising. When not with GoBeyond, Meca works for different NGO’s where volunteering and guiding students is a big part of her life. She also loves eating, trying new things, trekking, meeting new people, and making new friends! She looks forward to working with GoBeyond students to help local communities.

BRITTA GOLDMANN – Britta grew up hiking, camping and running throughout the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California. She fell in love with the Spanish Language, but mostly the people and places that make the language come alive at age sixteen while studying abroad in Costa Rica. The experiences lived in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Spain have shaped her passion for organic farming, sharing delicious food, dancing, painting and making new friends. Britta has taught High School Spanish for ten years and is now relocating to Mexico to pursue her passion as an artist and educator.

ANDREW DORRANCE – Andrew graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Spanish Literature. While in college, he spent two summers teaching English in Ecuador, where he developed his passion for international education. He also won a summer research fellowship at the University of Buenos Aires and studied for a semester in Madrid. After college, he decided to explore Asia with teaching jobs in South Korea and China. In the fall, he will move to Mexico to begin his Fulbright teaching grant. He is excited to bring his extensive international experience to GoBeyond!

CARLOS REYES MAYET – Carlos was born in Mexico City and now lives in Guadalajara. As an avid volunteer, Carlos has worked with the Red Cross, Operation Smile, and local fire department. He studied medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, and is currently working in a private hospital in the E.R. He is also in charge of the medical unit in a high school-university, and works as a medical officer of the USAR Mexico team. When not providing emergency and medical care, Carlos loves sports of any kind, and to travel wherever possible.