Location: Quito, Ecuador

It was a great first day together as a group! We did tons of fun team building games and activities in the morning and had a picnic for lunch. Liz, one of our directors, had a pb+mustard+ham sandwich which tasted good. In the afternoon, we visited churches and cathedrals from centuries ago, including the Church of Gold and the Basilica. The view was incredible from the cathedral clock tower. The neo-gothic architecture was remarkable, as well as the intricate designs and paintings that brought life to the churches. We learned a lot of history while sightseeing! For dinner, we went to a local restaurant a couple of blocks away from where we are staying. We drank delicious freshly squeezed juice from local, but still exotic fruits! I tried Ceviche for the first time today, and it tasted really good. I have already had so many new experiences here. I can’t wait to go white water rafting, eat a guinea pig, eat larvae, and go to the Galapagos… We are all super excited. To my mom and dad, I miss you already! But stop worrying so much, you will get more wrinkles!