Location: Toachi River, Ecuador

Rafting was amazing. We witnessed what Lifeworks is about: adventure, thrills, breath-taking moments and fun. The sun rose high above Quito, and the clouds rolled over the mountains, but already had we set off for today’s endeavors. After a long and tiring journey, we finally reached San Domingo and the river. While inflating the boats, we were interviewed by Ecuador’s main TV channel; we’re the superstar’s now! We are going to be big in Ecuador! But back to the rafting… Like soldiers riding to war, we were ready for this. This is what we were made for. Never had the river been so wild and agitated. And off we were, paddling amongst the rapids and the deadly animals. This was madness. The waves crashed against the boat, and once in the rapids, there was no coming out. However, none of our sailors were hurt thanks to captain Javier’s expertise and courage. My Lords, we have made contact with the natives. It is only a matter of days before we can proclaim these lands our own. At night we were invited by the village chief to a local restaurant, where we enjoyed a truly incredible feast. We ate like kings. Here is a quick glimpse of everyday life, while you are peacefully resting in your throne. I shall write to you again soon. Peace out and long live the king.