Location: Lifeworks India

Today, we woke up around 8 am. We were all a bit tired because of our jetlag but our excitement to meet each other and to start the program keep us awake.

We took a nice breakfast at our bed and breakfast and tried some chai, a special Indian tea. Then we went to the airport in Delhi to take a 1-hour flight. On the plane, we played a lot of funny games. After our flight, we had a late lunch at a very good restaurant. We ate some Indian, Chinese and western food according to everyone’s taste.

Then we drove to the Golden Temple, the architecture was amazingly beautiful, and we saw a lot of Indian people praying and washing in the water surrounding the temple. We felt like we were in a completely different world. After that we had to drive for 4 hours, it was perfect for getting some sleep and to fight against our jetlag. We took a shortstop and continued to ride for another 1 and a half hour.

When we arrived at the monastery in Dharamsala, it was almost midnight, and we were very happy to try a kind of Tibetan food which looks like dumplings. After, we went to our room, begun to unpack our stuff and went to bed. We had a nice day, and we were excited about the next day!