Location: Dharamsala, India

We’re all rocking out to Queen right now, so it’s distracting from the regular events of today. Something amazing happened! It rained. The morning was pretty normal, as was lunch. Just a typical day in Dharmasala. It’s so strange to think that we’re going to be leaving for New Delhi next week. This trip is going by so fast. Oh, working with the kids at the Hostel today was fun! There were no giant Russian war dogs, just noisy and excited children. We colored and made bracelets and played games and it was a hectic, but cool, experience. And yea, that’s about it. We’re all just sitting in the room listening to music and burning incense, which is pretty much what we do every evening after dinner. Don’t get me wrong; it’s awesome. So far, this trip has been amazing and life changing and all those cliche¬és, but in a completely unexpected way. Everyone on the trip is great, so good job parents on making epic kids. I can’t imagine being anywhere else, with any other group of people.