Location: Dharamsala, India

After a good night of sleep, I woke up everyone at 7:30. After having breakfast, we went up to the town and met our learning partners. We had lunch at Common Ground and then went to visit Indian children in a slum. They were excited to see us. Then we went to the hostel where some of these children live, thanks to the monk that own this hostel and give a chance to each family to send one child there and give them the opportunity to get an education. The children welcomed us showing us their rooms and then short movies about their lives before getting to the hostel and after. Some of the girls danced, it was really good. As we were still sitting in the room, which had approximately fifty kids, a massive dog stumbled into the room and laid his head in Josh’s lap. Josh and Graham both pet the dog for a few minutes before it laid its head in Graham’s lap. The dog wore a spiked collar and had a body that resembled a bear more than a dog. It was missing its ears, and now we know it was brought in from Russia. NEW YORK IS BETTER THEN PARIS, OR NOT. Calmly, it was enjoying Sofi Jenssen and Nigel’s petting. Suddenly it leaped up and began to shout. It barked loudly and went after Nigel. Graham defended his brother with a swift kick to the dogs face.

In a poor decision, Graham then attempted to punch the dog. With mild casualties, a hole in his wrist, the punch was not effective. The dog was held back by a monk and Jampa, while Josh, Sofia, Sofia, and I held back the kids. Graham sat against the table, with blood dripping and with his face completely pale. The dog was apparently disturbed by something brushing his ear wounds. Hint, Sofia Jenssen. Graham and Nigel were left with several cuts in their hand, and Graham had to get his hand sewn back on. Just kidding, he got 5 stitches. The real tragedy of the day is that Graham can no longer give high fives, but Sofia passed out too. We won’t tell you which Sofi but hint, Sofia Jenssen. Everyone is fine now. Overall, pretty chill day.