Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Therapy had an extra early, but beautiful, wake up this morning. About as energized as zombies, we ate our unique morning meal of oatmeal and cereal (yawnnnnn) before sun-screening up and getting ready for the day ahead. With Shadow, our dinghy, loaded up and full of still sleepy Lifeworkers, we headed to shore, where we met Ernest, a charismatic taxi driver, and piled into a true BVI-style open air taxi. After a short and (very) hilly taxi ride, we were pretty much on top of the world. We arrived at Aragorn’s Good Moon Farm, an organic farm on Tortola, and we got to work. Aragorn, a renowned artist on the island, talked to us about his farming efforts and after meeting Drake, the coolest dude ever, we got right to work. All morning, we pulled weeds and made outstanding progress all while Drake told us about his life growing up in the islands and the history of agriculture here. The terracing of the farmland gave all of our calves an amazing workout, and we were all incredibly tired by about noon. A few remarkable moments at Good Moon include David falling out of the hammock, eating fresh mangoes and passion fruit, and especially Drake’s amazing coconut art. My favorite moment of the entire day was seeing Aragorn’s incredible, beautiful and practically handmade house and witnessing the most beautiful view I have ever seen. We took a roller coaster taxi ride back down to Beef Island for some awesome food and shore time. We were late getting back to Therapy, as always, and we hurriedly got ready for our difficult, downwind sail. When we arrived at Cane Garden Bay, we filled up our water tanks and anchored. Freshwater showers meant good moods, and everyone enjoyed dinner and squeeze. After a long day, we settled into a sleepy daze, with the day and all its laughs replaying over and over again in our heads. (P.S. Anna (BZ) and I say hi to Siler City, NC. We miss Chris and Johnson’s cheeseburgers, but we do NOT miss Alex 🙂 JK, we love ya  2016